About The Service

This is the professional mixing and mastering service by Anthony Limit. Mixing and Mastering is essential important for the success of your music. If your music need the professional touch and a super crystal clear sound, this service is right for you!

Quick Turnaround

Quick and smooth turnarounds. You will receive your instrumental within 1-3 business days.


I offer a high quality service for a unbeatable price. Make your music shine!

Industry Ready

Make your beats industry ready with the best mixing and mastering you can get.

Best Price

For such a great service I offer the best pricing online! I accept PayPal, Western Union, and Debit/Credit Cards for payments, all payments are processed securely via PayPal.

Instruction / How To Submit Your Music

Follow the instruction below to submit your instrumental. If you have questions, contact me via the contact form.


  • Track out the full beat.
    • Bypass all effects and set all sounds on 0 dB (standard loudness level).
    • Export the instrumental in WAV-format for the best quality.


  • Compress files in ZIP or RAR archive.
    • To reduce the file size, compress the files with a high compression.


  • Upload the archive on any file hoster, cloud service or server.
    • Examples: Dropbox.com, Mediafire.com, Google Drive etc.


  • Insert the download link into the text field.
    • Note: If the download link is to long, use a link shortener! bitly.com, goo.gl etc.


  • Click on the buy now button to complete the order.

Delivery: You will receive your mixed and mastered beat within 1-3 business days. You will receive your beat in MP3 and WAV format + the mixed and mastered trackouts if required.

Price: 35€ / $38 / £25

CHECKOUT | Price: 35€ / $38 / £25

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Here are a few demonstrations of this mixing and mastering service.

First Version: Customers Version [00:00 – 00:33]

Second Version: Mixed & Mastered By Anthony Limit [00:34 – 01:05]
Crystal Clear Sounds, Crispy & Clean 808 Bass, Wide Hihats, Studio Quality

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Review 1

I expected a solid service, but damn, you going crazy! The sound of my beat is very professional now, I will use your service more often!

Review 2

Hi again. I am really happy with the beat you mixed and mastered! Thank you so much, and i really appreciate that you fixed the 808. I will definitely use this service again, and i WILL buy all your drumkits and soundkits.

Review 3

Normalerweise Mixe ich meine Beats immer selbst, aber ich wollte deinen Service einfach mal austesten und ich muss sagen ich bin positiv überrascht. Ich hätte für diesen Preis eine schlechtere Qualität erwartet. Ich bin begeistert von deinen Skills, der Sound hört sich einfach nur fett an. Vielen Dank!

Review 4

Great mixing and mastering service for a fair price. Good look bro.

Review 5

Amazing! Thank you for the good work.