Submit Beats For Promotion On Soundcloud

LIMIT Beats is one of the biggest… Actually, it is the biggest beats and instrumentals community worldwide. Since 2015, producers and beatmakers had the chance to promote their beats via LIMITBEATS.TV for free and get heard by hundred thousands. The resonance was amazing. Numbers do not lie. LIMIT Beats made over 3 million views per month (2015). Producers, who mostly had only a few hundred clicks on their beats, or sometimes even worse now got over hundred thousand clicks. They got new followers and also new customers. Now, LIMIT Beats will start to promote also on Soundcloud! Soundcloud is a big music platform. It is easy to use, looks very clean and has a big fanbase. You have the opportunity to submit beats for promotion on Soundcloud.
There is no extra form, or no additional step for the submission of your music.

As usual, you can submit your beat(s) via . Your beat will be reviewed and if it meets our quality standards, it will be uploaded on YouTube & Soundcloud for free promotion. Credits, email and social media links will be added into the description, so new fans and customers can get in touch with you with a click. LIMIT Beats think, the promotion on Soundcloud is a essential and important step, to provide the best results in the promotion service. No matter if you do rap beats, trap beats, hip hop beats, r&b beats, chill trap beats, all type of beats and instrumentals are eligible to be promoted as long they meet our quality standards and sounds sounds. The promotion on Soundcloud is now available for you.

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